3C Low-code application

Low-code application development SaaS solution.

From 1,99 € /user/month.

application manufacturing web interface with pre-defined objects HCL Domino Volt
tool for converting an Excel file into an application
solution for exporting data from your applications to Excel (reporting)
Workflow integration function to add steps with email notifications for your processes
consulting and support from CONNELINK consultants
all the technical components to associate your mobile applications with other complex business applications (Web Services, REST API,...)

Types of users

Characteristics Anonymous access Reader external Creator external Moderator Developer
User External to the company only External to the company only External to the company only External or internal to the company External or internal to the company
Data reading
Authentication Account
Data creation
Data modification
Application developer
Price per user per month free and unlimited free and unlimited 1,99 € 3,35 € 6,99 €


We propose a global included storage space dedicated to the company, regardless of the 3C service.
Based on our experience, we have devised a more rational and eco-responsible consumption model which allows storage to be defined according to actual uses.
Each subscription to a 3C service therefore adds global storage for the company according to its functional level. This global storage accommodates your current storage with a comfortable margin to absorb growth.
Each subscription to the CONNELINK 3C Low-code application service adds 4 GB to the company's global storage.
Global storage augmentation packages are available.